'Terminus' Vanir Staff

From the 1983 story starring Peter Davison as the 'Doctor' comes this Staff used by the 'Vanir'.

Such Staff's were utilised in the story by principal members of the 'Vanir' as a combat weapon. The 'Doctor' himself is involved in a combat struggle with such a Staff during one action sequence.

This Staff lends itself to being that used by Valgard (Andrew Burt) as it has a blue tinted jewel in the cone cased topper.Constructed of a metal pole with shaped header that is topped by a plastic cone encased square jewel.Subsequent to production the prop was on display at the official BBC Longleat exhibition in the 1980's although in the prior interim period the piece was changed to be grey in colour (possibly alternative use). Please see accompanying image of the piece, in grey, on display at BBC Longleat.

Exhibits wear and discolouring, with slight splitting to the plastic dome and an old camera tape repair.

A rare and significant prop from the Peter Davison era of the iconic Doctor Who science fiction television series.

More Information
Dimensions 148 cm long

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