Battlehawk Rear Elevation Full Model Size Line Drawing

A unique original hand drawn production line drawing for 'Rear Elevation of Battlehawk (Full Size Model), Drawing No.3'.

This line drawing would have been the master from which blueprints were taken that were required for reference by the various departments during production, primarily the model department.

Beautifully hand drawn by the show's Art Director, Gary Tomkins, dated 3/9/82 together with the production stamp. Stained to the right hand side and right hand side edge has small tares otherwise in overall good condition.

'Battlehawk' was the principal spacecraft in the Gerry Anderson produced series, his last series to fully utilise solely puppet characters.

More Information
width 73 cm
height 49 cm

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Certificate of Authenticity Production items are accompanied by the Propmasters Certificate Of Authenticity.