Large Miniature Car

A very impressive oversized miniature car made for a filmed sequence in the third instalment of the Christopher Reeve legacy of Superman movies.

The miniature was custom made for production by the Derek Meddings miniature effects team, who are highly noted within the industry for their exemplary miniature effects work. 

The filmed miniature sequence was ultimately cut from the final edit but the corresponding full scale car that this miniature is based upon can still be seen on screen. The filmed miniature effects sequence involved this miniature within an operational scale miniature of the car crusher. The full scale version of this car can be seen on the conveyor belt entering the Car Crusher, behind which Evil Superman lays down Clark Kent.

Accompanying the car are nine different unpublished black and white period studio photographs of the sequence being filmed by Derek Meddings and his team, featuring this very miniature.

A wonderful piece of both Superman and Derek Meddings history, with unique added photographic provenance.



More Information
length 105 cm
width 40 cm

Certificate of Authenticity Production items are accompanied by the Propmasters Certificate Of Authenticity.