Richard Gere 'Jack Moore' Signature Outfit

The signature outfit worn by Richard Gere in his portrayal of 'Jack Moore'.

As well as being significantly seen in the film the outfit is prominently featured on the movie release posters and promotional material, thus additionally compounding it's importance.

The ensemble comprises of a Jacket, Trousers (Pants) and Shirt. All of which have been intentionally production distressed to include a bloodied bullet wound to the left shoulder of the Jacket and Shirt.

Each item contains a wardrobe tag detailing the actor and production details. Additionally the original wardrobe tag and continuity photo are attached to the left sleeve of the jacket. The inside of the Trousers have been partially lined with black camera tape to reinforce them for the roof top chase scenes.

A fantastic signature hero wardrobe set from the career of the famous actor.


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Certificate of Authenticity Production items are accompanied by the Propmasters Certificate Of Authenticity.