Enchanted Axe

A Stunt Enchanted Axe prop made for the Terry Gilliam movie starring Heath Ledger.

Such an axe can be seen in several scenes during the last third of the movie being wielded by the characters Grimm, Angelika and the Woodsman at different times.

This is a lightweight Stunt version of the Axe, being made of a resin type material.

It lacks the small side attachment to the handle plus the ring hoop that would have been at the handle end. The back of the Axe head has a small cavity to the underneath but overall is in fine condition.

Stunt versions of props are made as an alternative to hero version, where it is unsafe or unpractical to use the hero version in a specified sequence, a fight scene for an example.

More Information
width 20 cm
height 51 cm

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